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One of the most gratifying moments is when we see our clients breathe a sigh of relief. That is what this is all about, helping to provide relief from having too much debt. Whether it is preventing a house from foreclosure and getting rid of medical debt, credit card debts, or using a plan of reorganization to pay back taxes owed to the IRS or Franchise Tax Board, bankruptcy can help. In most cases the common denominator is just having too much debt based upon monthly net income. There is just not enough income to pay minimum payments each month on credit cards. It could also be missing mortgage payments each month. That is why there is a way to get relief. We are proud Berkeley bankruptcy attorneys and Berkeley bankruptcy lawyers dedicated to providing the best bankruptcy experience for a reasonable fee. We have filed over a thousand bankruptcy cases in the Bay Area.

The most widely filed form of debt relief is through liquidation and Chapter 7 petition for relief. The good news is California has generous exemptions to protect the stuff you own. The majority of liquidation cases are no asset cases. This means that all of your personal property and real property, if any, can be protected by the available exemptions. Even if all of your assets cannot be protected, is it really not that bad to have to give up $8,000 in assets to get rid of $50,000 in debts? If there are assets that cannot be protected filing a Chapter 13 case is an option to keep the assets and pay the equivalent value of the assets in a Chapter 13 plan to creditors. Chapter 13 cases are filed for many reasons. Having assets that cannot be protected is one of the most common reasons to file a Chapter 13 reorganization case.

After your case is complete and your debts are discharged it is time to rebuild your credit. Time really does heal all wounds. Discuss with our Berkeley bankruptcy attorneys and Berkeley bankruptcy lawyers what can be done to help rebuild your credit score. Hopefully after the case is over you should be able to pay your bills on time every time. We recommend obtaining a secured credit card or apply for gas cards. Gas cards usually do not have large credit limits and we all need to buy gas. It is also a good idea to check your credit report six to twelve months after receiving your discharge. The Federal Trade Commission provides detailed information about how to dispute items on your credit report. You should not be paying a company for a credit report. It is free. You should also not pay a company to clean up your credit report if needed. You can dispute incorrect credit history yourself with a sample letter provided by the Federal Trade Commission. Many companies advertise they have some magic way of raising your credit score for a fee. Consumers must be very careful before paying anyone that claims they can raise a credit score after seeking bankruptcy protection. The FTC has shut down a number of these companies for their false or misleading advertising and business practices.

If you are struggling with debts you cannot afford to pay back bankruptcy can help. We try and make this process as pain free as possible by providing clear answers to your questions, constantly staying in contact with you by sending out email reminders of dates and documents needed. Please give our Berkeley bankruptcy attorneys and Berkeley bankruptcy lawyers a call at 510-574-7320 to schedule your free consultation today and find out if bankruptcy is right for you.