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If you are struggling to pay your normal monthly expenses such as rent and food it is time to find out if bankruptcy can get rid of your debts forever by federal court order. There are many ways to treat the debt cancer. Bankruptcy is the cure for the debt cancer. It is human nature and commendable to try and make changes to not file for bankruptcy protection. Please schedule a FREE consultation with us before taking an early withdrawal from a retirement account or retirement account loan to treat the debt cancer. Ask yourself when will I be 100% debt free? Have I resolved all of my debt problems or just took care of one or two accounts? The truth is bankruptcy is the law and the result is being 100% debt free according the law within a reasonable amount of time. It is a fresh start; but not a head start.

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There are many myths about filing for bankruptcy protection. In reforms of 2005 did change the Bankruptcy Code quite a bit. Do not assume you do not qualify to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy case and get rid of all of your eligible general unsecured debts via discharge. Even if you do not qualify to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy case and reorganization in chapter 13 is the best choice given your financial circumstances it is not the end of the world. Chapter 13 generally requires you to pay what you can afford each month to general unsecured creditors such as credit cards, personal loans or medical debts. That could be as little as 5% and at completion of the chapter 13 plan you will receive a 95% discharge. It is just not a 100% discharge of your general unsecured debts like in a chapter 7. It all depends upon your income, expenses, assets and debts. These are the primary things that will be discussed during your free consultation. Bankruptcy is a choice and it is up to you to determine if your car is dirty enough to pay to have it washed. This is different for different people for many reasons. During your free consultation hopefully you will have enough information to make the right choice for yourself. When will you be 100% debt free?

California bankruptcy attorney Ryan C. Wood has the experience you need to overcome all the obstacles in your life and help you get the debt relief you deserve. Imagine all the stress and worry you are dealing with right now gone within a few months so you can enjoy your life once again. West Coast Bankruptcy Attorneys has helped hundreds of Oakland clients discharge the debts, save their homes, cars, and regain sanity to live a happy healthy life. You deserve a bankruptcy attorney to be there for you, meeting with you in person, knowing your case, answering your questions and calming nerves when you are worried about the bankruptcy process. We are available at all times by email or telephone, and if we are unable to take a call immediately we always do our best to respond to the telephone calls in a timely manner. Ryan C. Wood is also one of the most experienced and best bankruptcy lawyers in the Bay Area you can find to help you get back on your feet by filing for bankruptcy. He was the bankruptcy attorney for the Chapter 13 Trustee responsible for the San Francisco and Santa Rosa divisions in the Northern District of California.

As consumer and non-consumer bankruptcy attorneys in Oakland, we help consumers file Chapter 7, Chapter 13, Chapter 12 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases, also known as a liquidation bankruptcy, debt adjustment bankruptcy and reorganization bankruptcy for debt relief. If you need a knowledgeable and respected Bay Area bankruptcy attorney in Oakland, California give us a call or email us today to schedule a free consultation!