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We have affordable attorney fees, free consultations and you will always be able to contact our attorneys by phone or email. Stop struggling each month with your bills. Stop the harassing phone calls and discharge your debts in bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a legal and honest solution. Meet with our San Jose Bankruptcy Attorneys or lawyers and find out if bankruptcy is right for you. Get the professional service you deserve for a reasonable fee.

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During your free consultation we will discuss your assets, expenses, income and debts to determine how and if filing bankruptcy can help you financially. We will request that you fill out our Client Information Form prior to coming in for your free consultation. We will also request proof of your monthly income. We are proud of how many people we have helped get rid of their debts, save their cars, save their houses, stop wage garnishment, stop repossession, stop foreclosure. At the same time we are also proud of explaining to people that they do not need to file for bankruptcy and why. Believe it or not, but there are plenty of circumstances in which bankruptcy is not the answer to your debt problems. Filing for bankruptcy is discharge and/or reorganize your debts to obtain a fresh start and live a happy and financially healthy life. It is not the end of the road, but the beginning of your new life without overwhelming debts.

If you have olds debts, four years old or more, then most likely the statute of limitations has run out. If this is true then no one can sue you to force payment and you do not need to file for bankruptcy. The statute of limitations for breach of contract in California is 4 years. The statute of limitations starts to run from the date you breached your agreement to pay the debt. This date is often a litigated issue given how important it is. If you stop making payments the negative history reported to the credit bureaus according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act can stay on your credit report for up to seven years. If you have old debts and dodged the bullet of being sued, then you just need to try and rebuild your credit and wait until the negative history drops off your credit report.

Many people of the Bay Area are facing crippling unemployment, houses in foreclosure right and left, and work furloughs looking like they’re here to stay, more and more people have come to the realization that they need to file bankruptcy, and they need to look for a San Jose bankruptcy lawyer and attorney. We provide you with professional, tried and true experience when filing bankruptcy. We have filed over a thousand bankruptcy cases in California. We promise to explain the entire bankruptcy process step by step, be compassionate and professional, and remain available to answer any questions you may have by phone or email. We do not use paralegals of legal assistants to meet with your or give you legal advice. Our experience has led to a deep commitment to provide help for the consumers who need it the most. Chapter 7 bankruptcies are also known as a liquidation bankruptcy because the bankruptcy trustee can liquidate unprotected assets and give the proceeds to your creditors. The good news is that each state, including California, has exemptions to protect your stuff so that you can keep your stuff and still get rid of your debts. Not all exemptions are the same from state to state, and the federal exemptions to protect assets are different too. If you have recently moved to a different state you may not be eligible for the state’s exemptions yet.

The vast majority of Chapter 7 cases filed are considered no asset cases. This means that there are no assets of yours that become part of the bankruptcy estate because all of your assets are protected or exempted from the bankruptcy estate. Depending upon your income, expenses, assets and debts it may be in your best financial interest to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy because of your financial circumstances and reorganize your debts. Filing a Chapter 13 case is not the end of the world. Chapter 13 is not a bad thing. If it is in your best interest to reorganize your debts in Chapter 13 we will explain why and estimate what your monthly Chapter 13 Plan payment should be during your free consultation. A typical Chapter 13 plan will last from three to five years depending upon your income and what debts are being reorganized. Once of the most common reasons to file for Chapter 13 is because you have disposable income available to your unsecured creditors according to the Chapter 13 Statement of Monthly Disposable Income. Once you meet with us and retain our service we will provide you with the best bankruptcy experience for a reasonable fee. Please contact our San Jose bankruptcy attorneys and lawyers and find out if bankruptcy is right for you.