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Stop the harassing phone calls. Get rid of credit card debts. Save your home from foreclosure. Stop wage garnishment. Get rid of a second mortgages or equity lines of credit. Bankruptcy is a very powerful tool to regain control of your finances. During you FREE PHONE CONSULTATION or FREE OFFICE CONSULTATION with our Brentwood bankruptcy attorney | lawyer we will discuss how bankruptcy can help you.

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What is Bankruptcy?

Save Your Home From Foreclosure

Unlike debt consolidation bankruptcy will get rid of your debts once and for all. Debt consolidation companies try and sell their services to you and charge outrageous fees to nothing except make them money. Bankruptcy eliminates your legal obligation to be liable or continue to have the legal obligation to pay debts incurred prior to filing for bankruptcy protection. It is black and white. You either qualify to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy and obtain a complete discharge of your debts, or you may need to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy case and pay back what you can afford to pay your creditors each month for three to five years. Ask a debt consolidation company when you will be debt free? Ask them what makes them so special and how do they make your debts go away? You will hear a lot of double talk and a sales pitch not based upon the law.

We will not try and convince you to file bankruptcy. You must make the decision as to whether you think it is the best thing for you and your family. We merely inform how filing bankruptcy can help you and how much we would charge to help you. The whole point in filing bankruptcy is for your family and you to be better off and live a happier debt free life. Bankruptcy will allow you to obtain a fresh start you deserve. You do not have to continue to struggle each month and deal with the harassing phone calls.