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Bankruptcy is not the end of the world. At West Coast Bankruptcy Attorneys we have experienced Campbell bankruptcy lawyers to help you determine if bankruptcy is right for you, and answer any and all questions you may have about bankruptcy. We will take at least 30 minutes with you to discuss you income, expenses and assets to determine whether you qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or if you need to reorganize your debts under Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code.

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One of the most important concepts to know about bankruptcy is to disclose everything. That means to disclose all of your income, all of your expense and all of your assets. In regards to your assets, that means an old car, property you may own in another country, all of your bank account funds, cash stuffed in a coffee can buried in your backyard and anything else of value. The goal is to disclose everything and use California Exemptions to protect your assets. The good is that California has generous Exemptions and in most cases all of your assets can be protected. Problems arise when people attempt to hide assets. The trustee assigned to your case or a creditor can seek to have your discharge revoked or not entered at all if assets are discovered that are not disclosed. It is not necessary to transfer vehicles to friends or family member in anticipation of filing for bankruptcy protection. The single easiest way to make a simple bankruptcy much more complicated and potentially not obtain a discharge is to hide assets or transfer assets in anticipation of filing for bankruptcy. A common bankruptcy crime is bankruptcy fraud. Federal statute makes it a criminal offense for a debtor to hide assets, make a false oath or declaration, transfer property to the name of any other person and extort money. The penalty is a maximum of five years in prison.

The City of Campbell is located in Silicon Valley and is probably most famous for the Pruneyard Shopping Center. The Pruneyard Shopping Center was the center of a controversy about the limits or right to free speech in California. The case ended up being heard by the United States Supreme Court. Receive bankruptcy assistance in 95008, 95009, 95011 zip codes.