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Many people wait to speak to us until they are personally served with a summons and complaint because a credit card company is suing them. That is okay though. Once a lawsuit is filed to collect on a debt the credit card company will not be able to obtain a judgment against you for at least thirty to forty-five days even if you completely ignore the lawsuit. Basically we have 30 days to file your bankruptcy case. If you do not file bankruptcy or settle the debt, the suing creditor will obtain a judgment against and enforce the judgment by levying on your bank accounts, recording a lien with the county you live in or garnish your wages. Once a creditor has a judgment against you they can request the court issue an order ordering you to appear and have to disclose information to help the creditor collect on the judgment. If you file bankruptcy and once the order discharging your debts is signed by the bankruptcy judge in your case the lawsuit is gone forever.

Once your payroll department receives an earnings withholding order there is not much time before your wages will be garnished. Your payroll department will provide you with certain disclosures and you may exempt some of your income from being garnished depending upon your circumstances. In a perfect world you will file bankruptcy before the earnings withholding order takes effect. If your wages have been garnished already, you must file bankruptcy as soon as possible after getting your wages garnished to get the wages back.