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Bankruptcy is not the end but the beginning of a new life without the burdens of high interest rate credit cards or harassing phone calls. Bankruptcy provides the relief you deserved to have. There are millions of people that have and had problems with unmanageable debts. That is why bankruptcy exists. Everyone deserves a fresh start and a chance to live life as happy as possible. There are a million reasons why bankruptcy cases are filed. The common reason is that there is no end in sight to be debt free without filing bankruptcy.

Debt consolidation companies will try and tell you they can help you. The truth is they make money and you still will have debts. Bankruptcy is getting rid of debts by order the Federal Bankruptcy Court. Once your Chapter 7 bankruptcy is complete or a Chapter 13 plan or reorganization is completed the bankruptcy court will enter an order that eliminates your obligation to pay your debt forever. It is black and white. You either qualify or your do not. During your free phone consultation or in person consultation we will discuss your income, expenses and assets to determine if you can file for bankruptcy. If so, then it will be up to you whether you move forward and actually retain our services and file bankruptcy. We have filed hundreds of bankruptcy cases and discharge millions of dollars of debts for residents of the Bay Area. Call us today and find out if bankruptcy is right for you.