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Every day we help people get rid of debts. Whether it is saving a home and discharging credit cards debts, or paying back taxes owed to the IRS or Franchise Tax Board, bankruptcy can help. The common problem is not being able to pay rent or a home mortgage and still have money to eat and pay for gas to get to work because of burdensome debts. That is why bankruptcy law exists. You need to have somewhere to live, you need to eat and you definitely need money for gas to get to work and around. There are a million reasons why people to choose to file for bankruptcy protection and get rid of their debts once and for all.

The most common form of bankruptcy is to file for protection under chapter 7 of the bankruptcy code. Most of these cases are what is called no assets cases. This means that all of the person’s assets or stuff can be protected and there is nothing for the trustee assigned to the case to take, sell, and give the money to creditors. So all of the person’s debts are just discharged and life goes on. After the case is over it is time to rebuild your credit. Using secured credit cards or trying to get a gas card are good ways to rebuild your credit. It will take to obtain a great credit score, but it is possible for anyone who files. You must pay all bills on time every time and you will rebuild your credit score. Someday it will be like you never filed bankruptcy in the first place.