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We are committed to providing you with the best bankruptcy experience for a reasonable fee.

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The most common questions are can I keep my house, my car or my stuff. Well, yes, depending upon how much all that stuff is worth. California has generous exemptions to protect your stuff. There is only so much that can be protected though. There are exemptions to protect jewelry, tools of trade, vehicles, houses, retirement accounts and even possible claims like a personal injury claim. There are limits on each exemption though, most are not limitless. Most of the stuff you have at home is used and old, so it really is not worth much. Your vehicle(s) may be worth quite a bit though. We will have to look up the value on Kelley Blue Book to see how much it is worth and let you know if it can be protected. The same is true of your house. An appraisal might be necessary to make sure it is schedule properly. Most bankruptcy cases are no asset bankruptcy cases though. These means that all of the stuff the person filing for bankruptcy has can be protected and kept. All eligible debts to be discharge go away and life goes on. Hopefully better than before you file bankruptcy.

Filing under chapter 13 is not the end of the world though. Chapter 13 cases are for those who have some disposable income each month they can afford to pay their creditors. It may not be much, but it is something they can afford. Chapter 13 requires the filer to pay their creditors what they can afford each month over three to five years.