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There are a number of ways a bankruptcy case can go horrible wrong. The most common is that the bankruptcy filer uses their credit cards close in time to the date the bankruptcy case is filed. One of the most important questions we ask potential clients is when is the last time you used your credit cards? What did you use them to purchase? Have you been making payments to the credit card companies still? If you are not making payments to the credit card company and still using the credit card, it is circumstantial evidence that you never had the intent to pay the credit card company back. The credit card company may then file an adversary proceeding in your bankruptcy case and to not have the debt owed to them discharged in the bankruptcy case. They will allege you committed fraud. An adversary proceeding is a lawsuit within the bankruptcy case heard by the bankruptcy judge assigned to your case. If you purchased a ten thousand dollar diamond ring on a credit card two weeks before you filed bankruptcy and expect that debt to go away you are dreaming. If you take a cash advance on a credit card two weeks before filing for bankruptcy you will probably have a problem too.

If you can no longer make payments to your credit card companies you need to stop using the credit cards. If not, then you are in jeopardy of not having that debt incurred discharged in your bankruptcy case.