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At West Coast Bankruptcy Attorneys we pride ourselves on answering all of your questions completely and accurately during your free consultation. Your free consultation with our experienced Pittsburg bankruptcy lawyer will generally last over a half an hour. We put more time and effort into your case before it is filed to make sure there are no problems after it is filed. We have appointments available now for you to find out if bankruptcy can help your get out from under burdensome debts. You do not have to keep worrying about pay your bills each month. The bankruptcy laws can help you today.

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Depending upon your circumstances, we can get rid of unsecured debts, reduce the amount you owe on a vehicle loan, and even get rid of underwater second mortgages. Call now or request a free consultation now on our website. A little talked about part of the bankruptcy code is the ability to redeem the collateral securing a debt or loan for its fair market value. To redeem the collateral the amount of the fair market value of the collateral must be tendered. That is usually the problem. In a Chapter 7, a vehicle may be redeemed for its fair market value. This could result in a huge savings given that more vehicles decline in value quickly after purchase. The problem is most people do not have $6,000 or $11,000 in cash to tender and redeem the vehicle.

The City of Pittsburg has a population of approximately 60,000 residents. Notice that the spelling of Pittsburg is different than the spelling of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburg, California is spelled with no “h.” Pittsburg, California was also known as New York Landing and Black Diamond. Pittsburg in the early days was an industrial town by mining coal and steel building industry. Today the City of Pittsburg like many Bay Area cities is attempting to reinvent itself by redeveloping their downtown areas.