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Bankruptcy is not a bad word, but a final solution to your debt problems. Whether you are drowning in credit card debts, having problems making a mortgage payment or car payment each month, the bankruptcy laws can help. Schedule a FREE consultation either at one of our offices or over the PHONE with our experienced Pleasant Hill bankruptcy lawyers | attorneys and find out how bankruptcy can help. 1-877-963-9543

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When you retain our services we provide you with a checklist of the documents we will need to file a complete and accurate bankruptcy petition. One of the most important items on the checklist is your pay statements or proof of income if self-employed. Without properly documenting your income for the six months prior to the date the bankruptcy case is filed, we cannot file a bankruptcy case. The next most important item is bank accounts statements and tax returns. We will review your bank account statements and tax returns for information that may cause problems in the bankruptcy case.

One of the most difficult parts of filing bankruptcy is valuing certain things you own. Valuing a vehicle is not too bad. Kelly Blue Book and over resources exist to help make sure the value of a car or truck is accurate. What about a six year old couch though? What about a five year old television? What about a gold ring that is fifteen years old? These items can be difficult to value if they are in good condition. They are in good condition, but they are old. The gold ring can be appraised, but appraisals can vary widely. The couch and television can be searched on-line to try and determine what they are worth. For the most part, if something is old and used, it is not worth much to anyone.