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If you are having problems with credit cards, house or car payments or taxes, we can help. All of our consultations are FREE and are with experienced attorneys that have filed hundreds of bankruptcy cases in the Bay Area and for residents of San Carlos, California. Call toll free, 1-877-963-9543, to schedule a FREE consultation. Our San Carlos bankruptcy lawyers and bankruptcy attorneys in San Carlos will spend approximately an hour discussing your income, expenses, assets and debts to determine if bankruptcy is right for you.

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We are committed to providing you with the best bankruptcy experience for a reasonable fee.

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Our firm is committed to providing the best bankruptcy experience for a reasonable fee. No one wants to file bankruptcy, but what is even worse is if you hire a bankruptcy attorney that makes the process of filing bankruptcy a headache. That is the last thing you need. Amazingly, lawyers that do not practice bankruptcy law regularly charge higher attorney fees than we do, and they will waste your time by not knowing how to administer your case efficiently. We also spend more time with our clients than most of our competition. You will not feel like we are in a hurry to whisk you out of our office as soon as you give us some of your hard earned money to retain our services. We have filed hundreds of bankruptcy cases and know what is required. We did not just jump into the bankruptcy law field because the economy is/was bad and bankruptcy filings have increased over the last few years. Mr. Wood’s pas experience is unmatched given he was formerly employed by the Chapter 13 Trustee David Burchard. You will not be able to retain another bankruptcy attorney in San Carlos with this experience. You will also be hard pressed to retain San Carlos bankruptcy lawyers that have filed as many cases as our law firm. We know the trustees. We know what they want. We know once you retain our services you will be able to feel relief by telling any creditors that are harassing you to call us and not bother you any longer. That is part of the service we provide our clients as soon as they retain our services. Creditors should not continue to call you and harass you once they know you have retained our services to file for bankruptcy protection. You should also stop making payments each month on debts that will just be discharged once the case is filed. You need that money to live anyway.

Not only do we have very reasonable attorney fees, but if there is a way to keep you from filing for bankruptcy protection, we will discuss that with you during your free consultation too. Bankruptcy is not always the answer to unmanageable debts. We do not recommend hiring a debt consolidation company. Their fees are horrible and most people never become debt free. If you are contacted by a debt consolidation company, ask them when will you be debt free? How long will it take? Also require that they put in writing that if you are not debt free by a given date, they will refund you all of the fees you paid to them.

Our office is located just off of Highway 101 on Veterans Blvd. If you are traveling from San Carlos, El Camino Real might be the best route to our office. Turn left on Whipple and then right onto Veterans Blvd. and our office is on your left across from the new six story apartments recently built. Please schedule your free consultation today with our San Carlos bankruptcy lawyers and bankruptcy attorneys in San Carlos to determine if the filing for bankruptcy protection is right for you. Call us at 650-366-4858.