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Bankruptcy has existed for hundreds of years for a reason. We all need a fresh start sometimes. If you wages are being taken each pay period how can anyone continue pay their other bills each month? The bankruptcy laws can help. Filing for bankruptcy will stop anyone from continuing to take your hard earned wages and get discharge the debt and judgment forever. Chapter 7 bankruptcy generally will allow you to discharge you eligible unsecured debts such as credit cards, medical debts, judgments and repossessions.

Hopefully at some point you were served with the summons and complaint that started this whole process. When a credit card company sues you they must personally serve you with the summons and complaint. There are number of ways to accomplish this other than handing it to you. Personal service can be completed by making three attempts at your house or family member’s house and giving the summons or complaint to someone else in your family. Personal service may ever be completed by publication. Notice the lawsuit must be published for a number of consecutive weeks in a local publication. Once service is completed then you have 30 days to answer the complaint. If you do not answer the complaint then the credit may obtain a judgment against you by default. The next step is to enforce the judgment. One way to do this is a judgment debtors examination. A judgment debtors examination is where the court orders you to appear and answer questions about your bank accounts numbers and where you work to help enforce the judgment against. Now that the judgment creditor knows where you work and your bank account numbers they can garnish your wage and levy on your bank accounts.

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