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Bankruptcy is the legal process of getting rid of burdensome debts. You do not have to worry about paying your bills each month due to credit cards or other debts. Our San Ramon bankruptcy lawyers | attorneys will let you know how bankruptcy can help. All of our consultations are FREE. We offer FREE OFFICE or FREE PHONE CONSULTATIONS, call us toll free at 1-877-963-9543.

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Start your new life without burdensome debts. Bankruptcy will allow you to get the fresh start you deserve. Most no asset chapter 7 bankruptcy cases should take approximately three to four months from the date the case is filed. When you retain our services we ask for an initial retainer. Once all of the attorney fees are paid in full, chapter 7 bankruptcy cases only, it is time to provide all the documents necessary to draft a complete and accurate bankruptcy petition. It usually takes us ten to fourteen days to draft your petition. Once it is drafted it is time for you to complete the Credit Counseling Course. This course must be completed before the bankruptcy petition is filed. Once the petition is filed the meeting of the creditors will be scheduled. This is the only appearance you should have to make. The meeting of the creditors is thirty to forty-five days from the date the case is filed. The court will mail you notice of the meeting of the creditors. You will need a valid government issued identification card and proof of your social security number. The trustee assigned to your case will verify your identity and then ask a series of questions verifying the information contained in the petition and if there have been any changes since the petition was filed. After the case is filed you must complete the second course, Financial Management Course. All courses are on the internet or by phone if you like, and take approximately two hours to complete. Once the courses are completed the certificate of completion must be filed with the bankruptcy court.