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We offer free consultations and we have multiple offices your convenience. All of our consultations are with experienced attorneys that have filed hundreds of bankruptcy cases. Schedule a Free Consultation today to find out if bankruptcy is right for you. 1-877-9NEW-LIFE Begin your life debt free today.

Ryan C. Wood’s previous employment includes working for as a staff attorney for David Burchard, the standing Chapter 13 Trustee for the San Francisco and Santa Rosa Divisions of the United State Bankruptcy Court. His experience administering and representing a Chapter 13 Trustee will greatly benefit your case.

Kitty J. Lin is dedicated to practicing bankruptcy law and was an integral part of an office for one of largest consumer bankruptcy law firms in the United States. Ms. Lin has filed hundreds of bankruptcy cases and her experience will benefit you and your family.

Reorganization of your debts can save your house from foreclosure, save your car from repossession, reduce your vehicle loan payment, get rid of your second mortgage or line of credit, discharge tax debts, discharge credit card debts, pay off taxes without penalties and interest, catch up on missed mortgage payments or property taxes and much more.

Our Bay Area Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers :: Attorneys have the experience and reasonable fees you deserve. Filing bankruptcy to reorganize your debts is a complicated process. There almost no approved/confirmed Chapter 13 cases without the hiring and assistance of a lawyer. Unlike a Chapter 7 bankruptcy reorganizing your debts is a more time consuming process and the Chapter 13 plan will usually last between three and five years.

We are a leading provider of affordable bankruptcy services. We treat our clients how want to be treated, so we provide the personal service you deserve and communicate with your throughout the entire process. One of the most noteworthy parts of the services we provide is the required course providers we recommend. There are two required courses that must be completed to file bankruptcy and obtain a discharge of your debts. The first course, Credit Counseling, will cost you only $5.00 if you are single, and $10.00 is filing jointly. Many law firms will not only refer you to a provider that charges $30 for this same course, but add a processing fee for doing basically nothing. The second course, Financial Management, can be completed for as little as $7.95 total whether filing jointly or not. Again, some law firms will refer you to a provider that charges $30 or more and add a processing fee on top of that. Why should you have to pay $100 or more when both courses can be completed for as little as $13.00 total if single and $17.95 if filing jointly? You are already having difficulty financially so why is an attorney sending you to expensive course providers? We care about you and your finances, so we continually search for the lowest cost providers of these courses to make sure you do not overpay for them. This is just one example of how we represent your interests and provide the best bankruptcy experience for a reasonable fee.

Schedule a free consultation at one of our offices in Redwood City, San Francisco, San Jose, Fremont and Oakland. We represent clients throughout the bay including San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, Alameda County and Contra Costa County.

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